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Fagor Duo

The Fagor Duo line pressure cookers are the most popular pressure cookers that they have to offer, because it just simply works the best and the best bang for your buck. The duo can be used on any cooking surface which includes gas, electric, ceramic and induction, which is the case with any Fagor pressure cooker. It is made of 18/10 heavy duty quality stainless steel with surrounding aluminum on the bottom which makes it very durable and distributes the heat evenly and also makes for easy cleanup, you can cook a cheese cake in under 30 minutes, cook a rice dish in 15 minutes and soups in 15 minutes also.

As mentioned it is easy to use just add the food lock the lid and cook, and after cooking you can enjoy the healthy meal that you created with this great pressure cooker. Let me tell you about some of the product features.

They are:

• Spring type with two settings high which is 15psi and low which is 8psi.

• Triple safety a dual control valve and safety relief valve and safety locking handle and pressure indicator.

• Black upper and lower handles and a black helper handle.

• Pressure indicator that tells you when the pressure has been released so you can open the lid.

• It also comes with a recipe book.

There is also the Duo combi set which comes with four quart and eight quart pots and a glass lid which fits on both pots. There is also a nine piece canning set which is part of the Duo line this set includes everything you need with instructions and recipes so you can be like a professional canning from home.

The other parts of the canning set are:
 • A canning rack, stainless steel funnel, stainless steel ladle, jars lifter, jar wrench, and a magnetic lid lifter.

Note; The four and six quart pots takes a nine inch gasket and a eight and a ten quart pots takes a ten inch gasket.

If you have always been afraid to use one than you have to try this one, I think you will be very happy with this cooker. It will be your best friend in your kitchen weather you are a professional or not. Just think who would not be happy with it cooks in seventy percent less time the food comes out tasting great and healthy its safe its affordable its very easy to use its made by a quality manufacture and out of quality materials its made to last its versatile and energy efficient.

When you talk about Fagor pressure cookers the Duo is always at the top of the list and it should be with all the features it has and being so simple. I give it a high score of 99% which is hard for me because I do not have one but I think that will change after writing these articles. I really enjoyed the research I did on this product.

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